Interviews with Louise Wilson

Louise Wilson at Central St Martins, London. Photograph: Linda Nylind via The Guardian

Hint Magazine interview with Louise Wilson:

” Since 1992, Wilson has dutifully served as the course director of the 2-year Master’s degree program of London’s Central Saint Martins, arguably the world’s most influential and revered fashion school, which she also attended. While at the same time, the 40-year-old mother of one has done so with an unorthodox teaching method that goes well beyond exacting. Former students have called it loud, brutal, abrasive and terrifying—even fascist.”

British Vogue  “Saint Martins at Home”  ( We are Central Saint Martins by the way!)

“My worry is that they will think we’re elitist and glossy and that people will be put off applying because of the hype. The truth is that we’re dirty and it’s hard work and it’s all about what the students put in, the hard work they do – not about what the college gives them. All a college can do is open the door and they have to step through it,”

The Independent: On the eve of Central Saint Martins moving into its new £200m home, Susannah Frankel meets Louise Wilson, fashion’s most influential educator

“Imagine you’re the student,” says Professor Louise Wilson. “Stay there.””

The Guardian: The Fashion Stars of Central Saint Martins

“In a classroom at Central Saint Martins, Professor Louise Wilson OBE is considering how best to describe her next generation of fashionsuperstars. Then she finds the phrase. “Lazy fuckers,” ”