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Month: March, 2012

Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen

What does fashion personally mean to you?

What I am interested in is working creatively in a process expressing a point of view or a vision that will be worn on a body. I find the interaction of cloth and body interesting. 

Tell us about your collection. 

In my collection I have been working around the ideas of ‘hang’, ‘falling off’, ‘sitting on top’, ‘dragging’. It is basically lengths of fabric draped onto a background, making them look random as they’ve been thrown onto the t-shirts and jumpers underneath, but still keeping an elegant feel to it. It’s been a quite abstract approach throughout, where the research started with London landscapes and detail shots of the city, a lot of plastic bags and forgotten tarpaulin, which lead me to look at the works of Karla Black and Angela de la Cruz. 

How did you end up at CSM’s MA course?

I did my BA at CSM as well and decided to go for the MA. I needed an overall fine tuning.

 Did you always wanted to do fashion design?

No, it was a decision I made much later, when I was 19 or 20, something that grew on me. It felt like the right thing to do at that point, and it still does.

Tell us about your time on MA. What was the most fun and what was the most difficult?

The MA course has been a great lesson. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and obstacles and adrenalin and the best times has been when you’ve finally overcome those obstacles ,when you’ve manage to put out what’s in your head and body and made someone else see it, and that it actually works.

 In your opinion, what skills you need to be fit for MA: technical, pattern cutting, organizational, thick skin or easy attitude? 

This is so individual, we are so many different people at the MA course with completely different skills and personalities and I think that’s the greatness of it. You have to want it though, that’s important. And it will be much harder if you have no knowledge in pattern cutting and sewing, it does restrict your design process I think, not having the knowledge. But as long as you want it enough you’ll get it out there anyway, somehow.

What is the most valuable lesson you learnt from Louise Wilson?

To be true to myself.

What would you recommend to BA students who wants to apply for MA course?

Don’t expect it to be anything like you’ve experienced before. The expectation towards you and your work are enormous. Which is great. Listen to the advice given, always try it out, but always listen to yourself as well. Be brave. Try and fail and succeed. Be yourself. 

Did you do any internships or work in the industry before? If you have, tell us more about your experiences.

I did an internship for a trend forecasting years ago and during my BA i interned for Meadham Kirchhoff. I think it is important to have been in the industry, and to have worked for different designers\houses, good thing to do while you’re studying since you very rarely get paid.  I very much enjoyed working for a smaller company where you get much more responsibility and get to do a variety of things. 

Would you like to start up your own label or would you prefer to work for another company.

We’ll see where things lead. 

What’s for the future? 

The road gets made while walking it. 😉

Myrza de Muynck

Myrza’s clothes are sporty chic and beautiful. And we were happy to do a photo shoot of her intricate designs kindly lent to us by her, which we are thrilled to finally present to you!

                                                            Mask by Altynai Osmoeva
                                                            Eyepatch by Christina Kozhoma

Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov


Make-up and hair: Marina Keri

Model: Anastasia Ivanova

Stylist/producer: Olya Kuryshchuk

Clothes: Myrza de Muynck



Fashion Centipede

Central Saint Martins MA backstage

One month ago, Central Saint Martins MA show was one hell of a buzz at the London Fashion Week. On 17th of February at the Somerset House,  fashion enthusiasts, stylists, CSM fashion students, Hilary Alexander from Telegraph and Tim Blanks from Style.com along with countless press, celebrities like Zaha Hadid, designers/csm alumni such as Gareth Pugh and Christopher Kane, the fairy godmother of fashion designers – Joan Burstein accompanied by her son Simon (Brown’s CEO), CSM tutors and friends and family of the now MA graduates had gathered round the catwalk, like the butterflies round the lightbulb, to see the show. But what was happening behind the scenes? Check out the pictures below.

Photographer: Jjason Li


Yesterday, champagne and delicacies were served on the main Street at Central Saint Martins. The cause of it all was the First Jewellery Runway Show named NEUTOPIA at the Granary Building, Kings Cross by 2nd year jewellery students, which featured various range of extreme and extremely beautiful designs of 39 students.

 Here is what they say:

 ”Faced with the turbulence of an ear and an environment increasingly troubled and distressed, our work explores the rebirth of the 21st century. The show reflects and awakening of the senses and the mind., describing the ascension into a new – Utopia. Inspired by the Rites Of Spring, exoticism and nature take us back to our roots through a strong, ultra contemporary aesthetic. The whole ensemble has sensitive focus on the ethical and sustainable, not only to avoid material dogmatism, but also to sustain the vision for our new world view. ”

The show was energetic and extremely theatrical, exploring the vision for the future with some pieces that were costume-like, beautifully crafted and innovative, some quite shocking head pieces and others more subtle. CSM talent definitely pushed the limits of jewellery design in every aspect of it; scale, techniques, display and most importantly, the most unusual and various materials used to realise the idea.

1GRANARY.com will be featuring these super talented jewellery designers ONE by ONE in near future. We will be posting personal photo shoots, interviews with students and photo reports of how they make these precious pieces in the college workshops. Keep up.




PREVIEW of “THE MA’s NEWBORNS” by Swedish Dolly Frida


Frida Wannerberger is a magical creature-doll from Sweden. She currently studies graphic design at Central Saint Martins and is a very talented kid. Her illustrations are one of a kind of curious wonder, cuteness and femininity.

Frida has worked the colour pencils to illustrate her favourite designs of recent Central Saint Martins MA graduates, about whom we shall be posting interviews and sneak peaks of their sketchbooks and illustrations are coming soon!

As for Frida, it is a pleasure to introduce her in her own words:

”One part of me is extremely adventurous and a bit naive, and the other part is proper and values cleanness and extravagance, there is a clash and i feel i’m somewhere between halloween town and Fortnum & Mason. I love girls, women ladies and everything feminine it’s a never ending theme I could indulge in forever, or so it seems at the moment. Characters and the clothes they wear is what I want to draw. I like how outfits can contrast a character and confuse the people who meet them. Looking for aliens wearing fur etc.

Evolution fascinates me and I like to discuss theories about genetics and responses to the environment, there is a bit of that in my work too. I like to analyse.”


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