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Month: January, 2012

Khrystyna Fomenko

1. What was the most valued thing you have learned in CSM?

CSM is a great experience. I learned how to work independently and how to identify what I want and then how to achieve it. It is important to not let go of any ideas you are sure of being good. Good ideas entice people to help you and give valuable advice. 

2. Did you have an internship year? If yes where did you spend it? Any advices what students should concentrate the most during their placements?

My placement year was spent between London, Paris and New York. Any internship is a useful experience to a various extent, which you realise in retrospect. Sometimes you learn new skills, other times you get an opportunity to practice skills you already have… Another time you just get to meet amazing people or an amazing city.

3. What are you doing now after graduating? What it is like?

 I design for a fashion label. It is extremely challenging. I enjoy it a lot. But I must admit – sometimes fashion hurts. 

4. Where are you from? Do you plan to go back? Why yes/not?

 I’m from Ukraine. I will never move back there but I like to visit. 
Since I left the homeland, I found places that are way more suited for my living, so no point to revert. 

5. What can you recommend to the final years?

 Perhaps to think less about what the collection should look like in a context of a graduate show, but more about what they think somebody would love to wear… This way the satisfaction with one’s own collection doesn’t wear off quite as quickly. 

Photographer: Clark Franklyn

Model: Lois Blamire

Wan Hung ‘Ping-Ping’ Cheung

Wanhung ,or Ping-Ping as we call him, is a second year fashion print student at Central Saint Martins. He is extremely talented and passionate about what he is doing. And if half of the students do fashion, he is one of those who also lives it. (check the pandas)

How did you get into CSM?

 Interview with Lindsay and Natalie. (fashion print tutors in college)

 Why did you choose fashion design?

 Tom Ford has inspired me when I was 13, he showed me how beautiful a women could be in his dresses. Therefore I decided to study fashion and to create in future my own label.

How would you describe your style?

erm… fun, colorful, and the most important thing is ‘less is more’.

After graduating from CSM would you find a high paid job in fashion industry in China? In other words, does CSM degree means a lot in China?

 I would love to launch my own brand in UK, but who knows what will happen in 3 years, so just let it be. And yes, CSM degree means a gold medal to get in the industry in China.

 What are the most important skills you need to survive the course? 

Creativity and pattern cutting.

What does fashion means to you?

To dress up people in a beautiful way.

The White

The White show is the ultimate fashion show bringing together the creations of all CSM first year fashion students. Every year, the designers throughout all fashion departments: womenswear, menswear, print, knit and FDM, are given one same project brief to produce a singular garment in white fabric. Though the assignment is the same for all, the outcomes vary dramatically. As a result, over 150 garments are born, inspired by different ideas deriving from students’ diverse backgrounds.

The White Show project has been run by CSM for over twenty years, and featured the very first works of such major designers as Phoebe Philo, Hussein Chalayan, Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane and many more… Historically, The White Show was a closed internal event, with no outside visitors and foremost journalists allowed at the show, leaving very little public footage behind. Nowadays, with the rapid technology development and the growing reputation of the College, it is becoming increasingly difficult to conceal the Show. Therefore, there is rising pressure for the ‘freshers’ to produce worthy garments as well as professionally organise such a massive event.

Every year FCP students produce and art direct The White Show, and each year they need to come up with a new theme uniting all the outfits. This time the project was particularly challenging given the wider space and ultra-modern context of the new, magnificent, but also somewhat imposing KX building. This lead to the 2011 event being inspired by the theme ‘Milk’, bringing together the flowing purity of the latter and its harsh production reality. The theme strongly echoed/correlated with the innocent birth of the new garments in the factory-like KX space.

Whether influenced or inspired, the Show was a major success, making the new KX building truly come alive since the opening last fall. Enjoyed by both viewers and participants, it had an atmosphere and magic of a true party, which is probably always the result of hard work.

For our White Show  photoshoot we have selected the garments of 7 designers, that caught our eye.

We would like to thank them for providing their garments for this photoshoot and also creative input and collaboration with the blog.

Designers in order of appearance: Arkom Prasertthai, Gabriele Skucas, Jim Hu, Hiroko Masano, Markus Wernitznig, Yuan Zhang and Phoebe Kime

Text by Galya Vlasenko

Photographer: Natalia Lipchanskaya 

Make-up & hair: Marina Keri

Model: Blandine Rinkel/IMG Models

Styling/producing: Olya Kuryshchuk







“The White” Preview

We are finally back to school after the winter holidays. As final year BA and MA students are preparing for the graduate show and London Fashion Week, we are super excited because it already looks mind blowing amazing and we will post their working process and results very soon. But as of now, here is the preview of “The White” photoshoot by Natalia Lipchanskaya (see post of 10.12.11). Full story coming soon!

Sarah: look 3


Kim’s Rabbit

Photographer: Nikolay Biryukov

Make-up and hair: Marina Keri

Model: Virginia Kiss/IMG Models

Stylist/producer: Olya Kuryshchuk

Clothes: Kim Træger



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